What We Do

Core Values

At J C Orchard, we are known for our attention to detail and craftsmanship, which we undertake with great passion. Masonry is more than just simple laying of brick or stone. The differentiation lies in the detail, the skill and the passion of the mason. And we bring it all together in every project that we take up.

We champion:

  • Brick paving
  • Bricklaying
  • Block laying
  • Stone laying
  • Stone setting

The long journey to our reputation today

Masonry came to us when we started the journey of mastering the art of masonry, it wasn’t easy. We learnt it the only way one can – complete hands-on experience. From humble beginnings, we worked our way up to the reputation we command today. Our completed projects speak for themselves and the long list of satisfied customers bear testimony to that. The masonry projects that we have undertaken include:

  • Retaining walls
  • New Builds
  • Driveways
  • Landscaping
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Pavement
  • Parking lot
  • Common area development in Residential projects

The J C Orchard Commitment

We undertake each project with a commitment to complete the project on time and within stated costs, without making any compromise on material, quality or finish. We respect and value the vision of each client and we commit to deliver that vision with the skill and passion that it deserves.

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At J C Orchard we ensure that every material we use during the brick or stone laying process is mixed in the right proportion to get the optimum result and that comes with not simply formulas but time-tested experience.

Be it a driveway or a retaining wall, each brick or stone laid requires just the right mix of bonding material and we ensure that we get it right every time and for each brick or stone we set. The results are always as planned and customer satisfaction assured as we proceed with patience and care with each step of the masonry.

While we had the opportunity to diversify into related works, we decided early in our masonry journey that we will hone our skills in limited areas and emerge champions in those.

J C Orchard specialises in:

New Builds

J C Orchard delivers professional brick and stone laying masonry work for new-build properties. Our project scheduling is designed to keep pace with the overall project development schedule and therefore, the client can rest assured that J C Orchard will complete and handover the project as per expected quality and within time and cost, as agreed upon. That’s remains our commitment for all projects that we undertake, irrespective of size.

Retaining walls

There is a growing demand for retaining wall development. Customer preference has shifted from traditional retaining walls to ones with a more contemporary look and finish, using a combination of materials and textures. Based on the choice and mix of brick, stone, block or slab, the bonding material has to be optimally prepared and each has to be carefully laid and set well for ensuring a longer life. We have mastered the art of ensuring the best finish that will fully stand up to the test of time.


Laying of driveway requires uniformity and careful setting of each stone or concrete brick. Since the driveway will cater to heavy duty loads of vehicles, even the slightest of improper setting of a single piece or slab can upset the overall setting sequence, leading to time and cost overruns. Once the work commences, the mason has to get it right the first time, every time. At J C Orchard, we have mastered the art of driveway laying and our work speaks for itself.


As always, a landscape project is an extension of the vision of the client and his architect. A single home or a residential project would be incomplete without a matching landscape that enhances the overall look and feel of the project. A critical part of any landscaping project lies in the choice of material used for walkways, sit-outs, pavements and driveways, without which, the canvas would be incomplete.

Our hands build that picture to perfection with the care that it demands, brick by brick, stone by stone. If you are thinking of landscaping, come talk to us today.


A patio is an expression and an extension of the house just the way the landscaping is, and it demands the quality and finish that matches the house it serves. We ensure that, each time every time.


The walkway could be one leading up to the home or part of a larger residential project. We deliver walkways that are uniform and to a professional finish.


A non-conforming or improperly set pavement can be an eyesore and a safety hazard. We take pavement laying as seriously as we do walkways and driveways.


The driveways extend to garages and we undertake complete projects, as per customer demand.

Parking Areas

These are large areas that demand high usage wear and tear on the surface. Here again, extreme care on material bonding and setting is required over large areas. Consistency is the key. We have the necessary experience and skill to ensure uniform setting over the entire parking area, be it of stone or concrete.

Common areas development in residential projects

Common areas have pedestrian traffic that includes children of all ages, who walk and play in these areas. Stone or brick laying for common areas require a high degree of uniformity and finish, both of which we deliver with skill.

Over the years we have undertaken several projects but our skills have been honed through hands-on experience. If you have a project in mind, call us today or fill out the Contact Form with the confidence that J C Orchard has the necessary skill and experience to meet your expectation.